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Wholehearted Parenting

Brene Brown is not afraid of what people think about her honesty, research, and analysis. She has spent the last thirteen years studying vulnerability, courage, worthiness, and shame. As parents, these are feelings to which we can all relate. She has written a manifesto about what she believes wholehearted parenting includes a whole lot of honesty and vulnerability. As parents, sometimes we think we need to pretend to our children that we are the experts of...everything, basically?!?!!? Brene suggests that admitting to our children that we are learning along with them and that we make mistakes, helps teach them to be more honest and authentic in their lives. Our vulnerability does not undermine our authority or position as parents to make and enforce rules. It makes us real. It makes us relatable. Hopefully, in the end, it makes us loveable so that all of the love we pour into our kids will come back to us when they are old enough to make choices about how, where, and with whom they spend their time and energy. We can only hope we will be included in their choices. I hope you enjoy Brene Brown's manifesto as much as I do: (I am technilogically challenged sometimes and had to take a screen shot to post this!)

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