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Together we will work to gain a better understanding of yourself, your motivations, your relationships, and your goals. We build on your strengths so you can learn to apply them toward healing, growth, and change. Perhaps you are high functioning in certain areas but struggling in others; perhaps you are wanting to make meaningful connections or find your voice in a relationship; therapy is a place where these things can happen.

Whether you are struggling with anxiety, depression, self-esteem, life transitions, grief, or relationship issues, research shows that talk therapy can help.  Our culture moves at such a fast pace that it is extremely common to struggle to keep up and keep everything "all together."

As mentioned on my home page, I am not a "smile and nod" therapist.  My style is interactive and proactive.  I will work with you to develop tools, new patterns of thoughts and behaviors, along with self-discovery in an effort to help you live a more fulfilling life.  

You have the story of your life, thus far.  It is up to you to write the new story that starts with every tomorrow.  The way you write tomorrow's page will largely depend on the relationship you have with yourself.  This self-relationship affects every other relationship in your life.  


If you are ready to self-reflect and to discover a better you, the time is right for therapy.

"Worthy now.  Not if.  Not when.  We are worthy of love and belonging now.  Right this minute."  

~Brene Brown

1000 Westbank Drive

Suite 6-250

Austin, TX 78746

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