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About Me

Are you looking for someone who understands the pain you are living with today?  Someone who can empathize and help you find a way to heal?  Have you been trying to heal on your own, yet are still struggling?  Welcome, I'm glad you are here.


I help individuals and couples find relief from their struggles and the strength to move forward. Whether you are stuck in a destructive relationship pattern, experiencing anxiety or depression, going through difficult life transitions, or struggling with infertility, among other things, therapy can help you.  


I am NOT a smile and nod therapist; that's just not my style.  Instead, I roll up my sleeves and get in the "storm" with you. I have heard it all, so I am not afraid to talk about anything you want to talk about.  Depression. Abuse. Cellulite. Sex. Money.  Just say it; there is nothing to be ashamed about in my office.  It is a safe and confidential place to be honest. 


What inspires me to work with couples and clients experiencing pain (due to an unlimited number of things)?  Hope!  My belief that there is always hope is what motivates and inspires me.  Hope for a better future sounds cliche, but I mean it.  


While things seem bleak for many people, there are people who defy the odds and become the exception! I am passionate about helping you be the exception, and not one of the "odds."  It is likely that you and I will work well together if you are motivated and willing to make changes. I look forward to guiding you and supporting you in those changes. If I am not a good fit for you, I will recommend someone who is.

You can reach me at  There are a limited number of time slots available for clients needing a sliding scale payment option.  


Education:  B.B.A., M.H.M., M.P.C.

Professional Affiliations:  





Kelley Hawkins, LPC


1000 Westbank Drive

Suite 6-250

Austin, TX 78746

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